5 Top Short Term Loan Lenders Online

Published by Stephen Steighner on

We are going to go over several online loan funding sources today. If you ever find yourself in a pinch and you need cash fast with nowhere else to turn, then you might want to consider one of the many short-term loan options available today. While these loans are not ideal for everyone and you do need to use them with caution they can provide you the cash you need as soon as the next business day. These type of installment loans generally have to be paid back in under 30 days or less.

Be forewarned though because these loans have high interest rates. They are not advised if you are on a tight budget or think you will have trouble possibly paying the loan back. If you are in a short-term cash crunch such as before your next payday and need money for an emergency then a short-term or payday loan might be the answer.

1. Chesapeake Loan ServicesChesapeake Loan Services

The first loan company we’re going to review is Chesapeake Loan Services. Online approval occurs in just minutes and they offer loans for all types of credit. Their specialty is short-term loans of up to $1,000 but they also have longer-term loans for up to $25,000. When you first land on their website you will be asked to rate your credit from a drop-down box and also enter your ZIP code as well as your monthly income. Once this is done you loan application process starts. The Chesapeake loan service works with a large Network of lenders and offers a wide range of financial products. Because of this, they are able to match the right type of loan tailored to you.

2. BadCreditLoans.comBadCreditLoans.com

The next short-term online lender we are going to review is Badcreditloans.com As the name suggests I would imagine that they specialize in bad credit loans. Let’s find out the details and how they work. Bad credit loans have been helping people obtain loans with bad credit since 1998. This is one of their specialties. The service is free to try when you request a loan on their website. They also have a company pledge to be a responsible lender and will not lend to just anyone or help to recklessly endanger your financial well-being.

BadCreditLoans lends anywhere from $500 up to $5,000. This is more than some of the other payday loan providers out there who limit their loans to just $1,500. You can apply for a loan anytime day or night. If you have past due bills for a car repair or have another urgent matter that needs taken care of they’re there to help you. The application process is as simple and after requesting your loan online along with the amount of money that you need they will present an offer to you upon approval to review. If you like the terms you can accept the loan.

There are no fees or obligations during the application process. So if you have a cash crunch emergency or just have had some bad luck. No matter whether your credit is good or bad, BadCreditLoans will have the funds you need to see you through in the short-term.

Badcreditloans.com specializes in installment loans that are designed to help you get your next paycheck. These loans need to be paid off relatively quickly and they also have high-interest rates so they should only be used if you know you can pay them off without a problem and in the near future. In order to get approved with Badcreditloans.com you have to be at least 18 years old, have a job, a source of income and also have a bank account so they can deposit your money.

Badcreditloans.com is more than just a lender and they will offer you tips on the best time to take out your loan, how to spend your funds in a responsible manner as well as how to help you budget your income in the future to help pay off the loan quickly. So if you have a financial emergency and need a fast loan and if your credit is not that good Badcreditloans.com might be the solution to your cash emergency.

3. CashWireUSACash Wire USA review

The next short-term payday loan lender we are going to review is CashWireUSA. They lend up to $1,000 of fast cash and offer their service online 24/7. They have an easy 1-2-3 online application process and they also accept all types of credit from good to bad. They also offer direct deposit into your bank account. Upon approval of your loan, you can get a loan in as fast as 5 minutes with CashWireUSA.  The funds are deposited quickly and some as soon as the next business day.

If you need just a small amount of cash to see through and don’t want to borrow a large sum due to the high-interest rates you can borrow as little as $100 from Cash Wire USA. If you need just a small amount to get you through to the next payday CashWireUSA specializes in connecting you to a large network of lenders that they work with in order to find the right loan for you.

Before accepting any loan it is important that you understand the loan agreement and all the charges prior to agreeing to the loan. You also need to make sure that you’re in a comfortable position to pay the short-term loan off when it is due, which is usually in under 30 days. For fast funding, CashWireUSA could do the trick for you.

4. PersonalLoans.comPersonalLoans.com review

Personalloans.com offers a secure network of lending partners and lenders to match the right type of loan for your situation. They can find a loan for you for up to $35,000 and this is a lot more than your typical Short Term Loan provider so let’s find out the details of this. You can also borrow as little as $500. PersonalLoans.com is an emergency loan provider and they specialize in connecting people to the loan that’s going to work for them.

They offer greater flexibility versus some other leading loan companies out there and PersonalLoan.com does not charge any fees nor is there a cost to submit your loan request. The APR on their installment loans ranges from 5.99% to 35.99% and the duration run anywhere from 90 days to as long as 72 months. An example of a loan from Personalloans.com shows that if you borrow $4,000 on a two-year repayment schedule your monthly payment would be around $182 and your total repayment would be close to $4,400.  Your credit rating and the length of the loan will help determine how high or low your APR is going to be. So the above example may not be representative of the loan that PersonalLoans.com offers you.

They have a quick and simple 3 step process to start your loan approval. If you are approved by one of their lenders you will receive your funds in as little as 1 business day. You will then have anywhere from 6 to 72 months on which to repay the loan. The entire process takes at little as just a few minutes.

5. Dollar Loan ClubDollar Loan Club review

The next installment loan provider we are going to review is Dollar Loan Club.  You can get a loan for up to $1,000 and in as little as 5 minutes with Dollar Loan Club. They will deposit your cash as soon as the next business day and they even accept bad credit. They partner with over 100 lenders in order to help match the right loan to you.

So if you have emergency car repairs or an unplanned expense that can’t wait until your next payday and are experiencing short-term Financial stress, a short-term installment loan might be the answer for you. In order to qualify for a Loan from Dollar loan Club, they require that have a job, possess a bank account and are at least 18 years of age.

You will be connected to a lender quickly after you submit your online loan application to Dollar loan Club. Upon approval, you can then review the terms of the loan, and decide whether or not to accept the agreement. If you approve, the funds will then be deposited into your bank account.

This concludes our review of 5 top short-term installment loan providers online. I hope you find the cash you need for your situation and if you do decide to use one of these loan services do so wisely and please borrow responsibly.